What type of solar panels do I need?

fixed mounted?

Ideal for recharging and care of the battery(ies) if the vehicle or boat is not used for longer periodes. The week over the batteries will be charged, so that on weekends, the full capacity is available.

For long trips much power as possible should be installed to meet the daily requirement.

As permanently mounted, very well protected against theft.

mobile used?

It makes sense if you want to use modules across multiple sites, for example boat, camper, off-road or weekend house.

If the batteries are charged during long periods by shore supply or charger, and the modules are only required during the service time for the increased demand. Typical example for this the operation of the refrigerator.

Modules may be located in the sun, while the vehicle is in the shade.

You are chartering a boat more often, take a plug & play solar module with you - just plug in - finally you have enough power for pleasure's.

both fixed and mobile?

A small module firmly installed to charge preservation and maintenance of the battery.

If you use the boat or camper, additional modules use mobile to the increased power requirement to cover.

This combination is often used in sailboats, where often only a very limited area is permanently installed modules. The permanently mounted modules is often mounted on the sliding hatch.