Mono- and multicrystalline solar cells

The core of every solar module is the solar cell that converts light directly into electric power. Depending on the manufacturing process, there are mono-crystalline, multi-crystalline and thin-layer cells. The characteristic efficiency of crystalline cells is 18% - 21%, only in exceptional cases up to 23%. Thin-layer solar cells on the other hand achieve efficiencies of only 8% - 12%. Therefore SunWare is using only solar cells of the highest performance class. Because the limited available space on board calls for maximum efficiency.

Unbreakable Nowoflon module surface

SunWare deliberately dispenses with dangerous glass surfaces on board. In our modules we use – by conviction – Nowoflon, a fluoropolymer film. Nowoflon features the same transparency as solar glass and is extremely UV resistant due to its fluor level.

The difference: Nowoflon is absolutely shatter-proof. No shards and no risk of injury. Though our Nowoflon film is significantly more expensive than glass, it offers far greater safety and reliability on board.
At the same time the Nowoflon film is extremely soil-resistant. Even stubborn soil is simple washed away with the next rainfall.

Building height and module design

Rounded corners and the extremely flat module design prevent any trip hazards. And with direct mounting on deck, by adhesive or screws, nothing can get entangled or jammed between module and deck.

Salt- & seawater resistance

The average salt content of the oceans is 3,5%. A challenge for materials and workmanship !
All modules have internally a carrier plate to prevent cell breakages. The mounting plate is white powder-coated and completely encapsulated in Nowoflon. On the side, the laminate overhangs the mounting plate by approximately 5 mm. This gives the mounting plate and solar cells long-lasting protection against the extremely corrosive sea water.

Cable output

Each cable output is screwed and sealed – absolutely waterproof. The UV resistant PU cable, low-temperature flexible, has a length of 3 m.

Installation without rear ventilation

All 12V solar modules of SunWare can be installed on deck without rear ventilation, using either screws or adhesive.
Circumferential drill-holes already exist in the mounting plate.

Also our 24V modules have cricumferential drill-holes, thus allowing their installation on deck using either screws or adhesive. 80 high-efficiency solar cells guarantee maximum output for all 24V systems, even without rear ventilation.

The Nowoflon film on the back is specially pretreated for better adhesion of the adhesive. We recommend the use of 1-K polyurethane adhesive.

Quality check

We test our product quality daily: Our in-house climatic exposure test cabinets and salt water spray systems test our modules using genuine North Sea water. Each individual solar cell is thoroughly tested for defects before its finished by hand. And finally each product is tested and calibrated before dispatch.

Made in Germany

All SunWare products are developed, tested and produced by ourselves. In Germany ! Even the high-performance front foil of our modules are exclusively sourced from Germany. Only in this way we can realise the SunWare quality demands of products and materials.

Development & Research

In addition to the production of modules and charge controllers, SunWare is continuously working on the further development of new materials and components. Jointly with Akzo Nobel, we have, for example, developed a primer (bonding agent) for Nowoflon film, which we successfully use in our modules today.

For more than 29 years, SunWare solar modules are travelling the seven seas. And we can proudly say: they have proven themselves optimally!