About SunWare

The SunWare Solar GmbH & Co. KG has been producing and developing more than 20 years maritime solar systems.

This long-standing expertise in maritime solar technology, with its own development and production department with a team of young, motivated staff, SunWare has become the market leader in a market segment for demanding solar product solutions.

History and Philosophy:


The SunWare Solartechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Duisburg founded in 1987 by Dipl.-Ing. Julian Schüren. Initially specialized in the production of solar modules, solar charge controllers for marine and caravan applications.


In 1995, the product range of SunWare was extended by the service sector. In addition to the tabbing individual cells into strings and strings by laminating into solar modules, SunWare developed since that time special machines and handling systems for solar cell and solar module production.


SunWare begins developing and manufacturing machines for the production of solar modules.


SunWare introduces a cell connector developed in-house for the solar modules, which is significantly more resistant to thermal stress compared to the usual cell connectors.


The carrier plate of the solar modules is changed from a heavy V4A sheet to a light aluminum sandwich core.


SunWare introduces textile modules, the TX series. The modules are mounted on sprayhood or bimini (sun protection).


Also for OEM applications, SunWare manufactures for special needs and realize customer-oriented developments.


SunWare holds various German and European patents that relate to production and manufacturing technology.

Maritime operation

The SunWare solar modules are specially designed and developed for use in the maritime sector. The modules are available in 12 volt and 24 volt versions. All used components of the entire module are absolutely see-and saltwater-resistant.


The production facilities for our own production are optimized for maximum quality and flexibility. In addition to standard modules, individual customized modules can be realized, even individual pieces can be manufactured efficiently and reliably.


Absolute expertise, years of experience in the field of photovoltaics and the use of innovative technologies to determine the power spectrum of SunWare. An experienced team ensures a seamless production and distribution process and ensure rapid delivery capability.


Diversity and professionalism are reflected in our products. A quality management and the integration of the latest developments ensure to manufacture products for our customer's needs.


SunWare is represented in Europe and worldwide. Our active trading partners are far beyond the borders of Germany, known for sophisticated solutions and active customer service.


Please contact us - we are happy to advise you or give you a SunWare system partners in your area.