300 watt solar system for Explorer Overland Landcruiser 200

Peter Bauza on Tour - Reliable power supply on his overland trips without a shore power supplier

300 watt solar system for Explorer Overland Landcruiser 200

How can a constant and safe power supply be ensured without constantly having to go to shore power suppliers? This is and remains a big topic for Overländer, regardless of whether the trip leads to Copenhagen, Las Palmas, Reykjavik or Rio de Janeiro.

The multiple award-winning photographer and photojournalist Peter Bauza, with his Toyota Land Cruiser 200, also faced this challenge. He has large energy consumers on board. Cool box, light, water are among the small consumers. PC, drone and cameras have to be charged every day - they are his daily bread.

Planned, longer trips, such as Africa and “the Americas”, also require days of autonomy, away from the busy routes. His solar system should meet these high requirements.
For Peter there were certainly many cheaper alternatives, from Asia and other regions. But reliability, service and sustainability have a value.

So he decided on 3x100 watt SunWare solar panels SW-20185 (light weight, walkable and already proven for years in the maritime sector). These were glued to the lifting roof. The solar energy is fed into the lithium battery via the lithium-capable SunWare charge controller FOX-260 Li.
It was decided to connect 2 solar panels in parallel and one individually. Advantage: if necessary, the lifting roof can still be charged (above the individual solar panel) without reducing the charging capacity of the remaining 2 (connected in parallel).

Peter Bauza and his Land Cruiser 200 took his first trip to the Balkans, followed in the social media as “Explorer Overland”.
On sunny days, the SunWare solar panels achieve a charge of over 17 A. Even on cloudy days and even on an icy roof, the solar system manages to ensure maintenance charging every day!

Thanks Peter Bauza for the photos!

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