SunWare solar modules you find world wide.
From the North Pole to the Tunisian desert. On vacation, expeditions and one-handed circumnavigation.

Exciting travel photos and pictures, we have compiled for you in our galleries. We wish you much pleasure and inspiration while watching!


The Swedish coast by Kayak

With his kayak Ivan Hedlund paddles several times a year through the extensive Archipelago of the Skagerrak Strait. This year he has an TX-11027 (17Wp textile panel) on board.

RX panels mobile on board

Maximum power efficiency through optimal alignment to the sun.
For long journeys, the generated power can be increased by up to 40%.

World’s First Ocean Cleanup System has launched

"The Ocean Cleanup" uses the natural ocean currents and do not require an external source of energy to trap and concentrate the plastic.

Land Rover with RX solar panel
experience the true freedom

4x4 in the shade, module in the sun. With mobile and foldable RX solar panels easy to implement.


24V solar panels guarantee the operational readiness of the machines with top-charged batteries.

North sea buoy with SunWare solar panels

Example of Marine Technology: Sea buoys for monitoring the marine environment

Arctic crossing in a rowing boat.

Challenge: SunWare solar panels on the way to the magnetic North Pole

Tunisia by off-road vehicles

Reliable, self-contained power supply even in the desert with SunWare solar panels.

Foldable RX solar panel for Land Rover

Mobile solar system & heat protection made in germany

4x4 Unimog with TX-panels and mini charge regulator

Run the fridge all the time, while you enjoy the wind and sun on the surfboard. Come back and have a really cold Coke!

SunWare solar panels on sea buoys
to secure the waterway
in Malaysia.

Example of Marine Technology

Expedition with original Polynesian boats

Lapita Voyage was the first expedition that sailed on the successful migration of the Polynesians.