SunWare OEM-Samples

Solar systems / panels for special applications

SunWare provides the opportunity for even smaller series (approx. 50 pieces) of customized panels. The system design is carried out in close cooperation with the customer . The panel can be adapted both in form and color as well as in the mechanical design requirements. In addition to the classic design (glass/EVA/Tedlar), we also offer an unbreakable version (ETFE-Foil/EVA/Alu-Sandwich plate). Especially for the public space Non-Glass-Modules are perfectly suited.

Solar panels for avalanche masts

SunWare solar modules are even used for remote places and in most unusual applications. In this example, the solar modules were designed to the specific climatic conditions at 3500m altitude. In addition to extreme wind loads, temperatures are also special requirements.

Solar panels for buoys

Modern maritime aids to navigation are supplied almost exclusively by solar cells. Large batteries and gas cylinders have served their time. On many buoys in the North and Baltic Sea and the Middle East, solar modules are in use. In close cooperation with the manufacturer, the solar system will be designed and set up a suitable module form. SunWare solar modules can be adapted in form, color and mechanical design requirements.

Solar panels for street lights

At remote areas, it`s thanks to LED lighting technology now often cheaper to install PV-powered street lighting than having expensive cables for miles. So that the solar module can be harmoniously integrated into the design of the street lamp, we have developed modules with manufacturers to meet the optical and electrical requirements.