Tailor cut of solar cells

You would like to cut solar cells to your specifications? No problem!

On our own CNC-controlled laser cutting devices we can cut solar cells up to a size of 156x156mm.

The cut sizes can be freely set, so that the cell can be optimally utilized. The cells are grooved on the back so that the PN junction is not damaged.

By the high precision of the penetration depth, shunts are avoided at the cells. Even when cutting very small cell pieces, these cells are still have a very good I/U characteristics with a high fill factor. Typically, shunt resistor values ​​of Rsh (drk) @ -0500 V of 3,75E+06 [ohm*cm^2] can be achieved.

The scratch depth is approximately 30% of the cell thickness. The cell pieces are not separated after the laser grooving. Thereafter, the cell can be easily separated by hand by the customer.

Send us your request, we are happy to send you a quote.

What information do we need?

For an offer, we need only the information about the location of the cuts. Please send us the list of the positions of the vertical and horizontal laser cuts (all measured from the cell corner, see drawing).
Normally cutted cells provided by the customer are send back the day after the cell delivery arrived a SunWare. Within a few days you will get back the cut cells.

Note: horizontal lines parallel to the busbars
Cost example according the sketch below:
0.85 €/cell + setup costs 25.00 €/order