FOX Digital Displays
for 12V and 24V Systems
integrated shunt, easy installation

the digital displays FOX-D1 and FOX-D1/E serve as additional current and voltage indication for up to 20A

available for flush- and surface mount

Because of the integrated shunt, the assembly is very simple and can be performed by any layman

very low power consumption of only 1.8mA

Voltage and Current Display
integrated shunt, easy installation

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Controller type
Solar Power
Charge current
L x W x H
incl. 19% VAT
for 1 system(s) 0 W 20.0 A 56 x 100 x 44 mm
65.00 €
for 1 system(s) 0 W 20.0 A 80 x 115 x 50 mm
65.00 €


The FOX-D1 is a universal digital display that monitors battery voltage and charge/discharge current.

The indicator, with a minimal energy consumption can continually remain in use. When the FOX-D1 switch below the display is switched onto "voltage", the actual voltage is shown. Thereby, one can obtain information over the charging condition of the battery. When the FOX-D1 is switched onto "current", the actual current flow is shown. Current flow values can be indicated as either negative or positive.

By the switch on the front, the display can be switched between voltage and current display.

  • Switch position:
    The current battery voltage is displayed. This is used to determine the charge level of the battery.
  • Switch position current:
    The currently flowing current is displayed. Depending on the direction of the current flow with or without a "-" sign. A current without sign is a charging current (ie into the battery). The "-" sign indicates that a discharge current flows from the battery to the consumers.
The sign of the sign applies only to those cases in which the solar modules or consumers have been wired according to the wiring diagrams of the SunWare operating instructions. If the cables are switched to "IN" and "B-", the signing convention is also reversed.


Hi, On the FOX D1 display....what does CO1 mean ? Thanks Andy

Dear Andy, the FOX D1 normally never show characters like C01, the FOX D1 can show only numerical values. Please remove the power supply for 30sec from the FOX D1 to initiate a RESET. Best Regards


Installation manual FOX-D1/E

The complete installation manual
Languages: [de, en]

File: InFxD1_E_all.pdf ()

Installation manual FOX-D1

The complete installation manual
Languages: [de, en]

File: InFx_D1D.pdf ()

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