Solar Panels Series-40
cable outlet on rear side
for aesthetically sophisticated deck installations

cable output on the back, front side completely flat (3mm)

only cells of the highest performance class, high performance even in diffuse light

for the aesthetically demanding solar integration, perfect adaptation to deck design

100% sea and salt water resistant

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Solar Panels for 12V System Voltage

Panel type
L x W
I sc
incl. 19% VAT
120 Wp 1012 x 689 mm 4.7 kg
6.48 A
830.00 €
90 Wp 859 x 689 mm 4.2 kg
4.30 A
780.00 €
68 Wp 599 x 689 mm 3.0 kg
3.24 A
565.00 €
50 Wp 469 x 689 mm 2.5 kg
2.43 A
455.00 €
90 Wp 1119 x 481 mm 3.6 kg
4.29 A
730.00 €
60 Wp 772 x 481 mm 2.6 kg
2.85 A
618.00 €
45 Wp 599 x 481 mm 2.0 kg
2.17 A
465.00 €
33 Wp 426 x 481 mm 1.4 kg
1.60 A
392.00 €
46 Wp 1154 x 273 mm 2.2 kg
2.15 A
418.00 €
30 Wp 807 x 273 mm 1.6 kg
1.51 A
369.00 €
22 Wp 634 x 273 mm 1.2 kg
1.11 A
315.00 €
15 Wp 468 x 243 mm 0.8 kg
0.76 A
275.00 €

Solar Panels for 24V System Voltage

Panel type
L x W
I sc
incl. 19% VAT
90 Wp 1119 x 493 mm 3.6 kg
2.15 A
825.00 €
60 Wp 772 x 493 mm 2.6 kg
1.42 A
645.00 €


flat, light and powerful

The monocrystalline PERChigh-performance solar cells are protected in an EVA laminate and ETFE coatings against weathering. Even in diffused light conditions or even in winter, the modules produce a high charging current.

The modules of the series-40 have a rear cable outlet. It should be noted that for the junction box on the back of the module, a recess in the substrate must be present.

Ideally, the modules should be bonded to the substrate, so that the front side remains completely flat. If the modules should be screwed, inside the package are white screw rosettes for countersunk screws. This prevents a damage to the laminate by the screw head.

The cable has a length of 3m. The more powerful modules contains a cell protector, which has to be connected at the end of the cable.

The carrier material is an aluminum sandwich core. By this material the cells are perfectly supported and protected. The solar module adapts to curved surfaces, with maximum curvature of 3cm/m module length.

The modules are designed for the harsh marine and salt water use. The cable outlet on the back side is completely sealed and 100% saltwater proof. By hermetic encapsulation cells and carrier plate are themselves well protected against the aggressive saltwater.

Please note that the power output of solar modules depends directly from the light intensity - not heat - and has seasonally strong fluctuations. For optimal performance, the module should be oriented as possible perpendicular to the sun and partial shade should be avoided.


Why are SunWare panels not more flexible?

Crystalline solar cells consist of silicon, imagine like a 0.2mm thin sheet of glass. The silicon tolerates even low bends and no local impact. However, silicon is limited flexible and therefore break-sensitive. To ensure a long lifetime of the cells and panels SunWare use a carrier plate inside the laminate, the ensurance for your investment.

Installation types

The panels of Series 40 can be screwed or glued. The back of the panels is pre-treated in such a way that they can be glued with 1-component polyurethane glue (eg Sikaflex). For the screw fastening, there are circumferential holes in the carrier plate. The laminate has to be drilled at the points, srew roserosettes are includes in the package.


Ship yard installation

Series 40

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=36&tbl_name=modules_video

Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current measurement

The video shows you how you could check the function of a solar panel by measure the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current (Uoc, Isc).

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=40&tbl_name=modules_video

Tutorial Solar Basics

Basic informations for solar systems

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=34&tbl_name=modules_video


Datasheet Series-40

Datasheet for all panels of series-40
Languages: [en]

File: DB_Module_40_2022_US.pdf ()

Installation Manual

Languages: [de, en, fr, it, es, nl, se, gr]

File: InModule_2016.pdf ()

Cable Outlet MAD 10

File: MAD10_V1_3b_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40143

File: SW40143_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40144

File: SW40144_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40145

File: SW40145_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40146

File: SW40146_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40163

File: SW40163_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40164

File: SW40164_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40165

File: SW40165_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40166

File: SW40166_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40182

File: SW40182_2016_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40183

File: SW40183_2016_KD.pdf ()

Dimensions SW-40184

File: SW40184_2016_KD.pdf ()

Abmessungen SW-40185

File: SW40185_KD.pdf ()

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