SX Solar Panels
for sail and tarpaulin makers
have solar modules sewn in on site in the marina

Your local sail maker in the marina can sew the modules into the bimini or sprayhood with the color of your choice

Individual fastening solutions with LOXX, zipper, Velcro and much more possible

Cable ducts and bushings can be integrated directly

The modules can also be sewn into a tarpaulin or wind cover.

Sew-in SX modules - 'Stitch-In'-Solar

for Tarpaulin and Sail Makers

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Solar Panels for 12V System Voltage

Panel type
L x W
I sc
incl. 19% VAT
60 Wp 1104 x 373 mm 2.1 kg
3.30 A
595.00 €
60 Wp 1104 x 373 mm 2.3 kg
3.30 A
605.00 €
60 Wp 1104 x 373 mm 2.3 kg
3.30 A
695.00 €
45 Wp 873 x 373 mm 1.8 kg
2.50 A
535.00 €
45 Wp 873 x 373 mm 2.0 kg
2.50 A
550.00 €
45 Wp 873 x 373 mm 2.0 kg
2.50 A
550.00 €


Solar Panels SX-Series

SX - surrounding 20mm wide sewing edge for individual integration on bimini, tarpaulin, spray hood or wind cover. Whether sewn in firmly or detachable with Velcro, zipper or LOXX, your on-site saddler can implement the attachment according to your ideas and wishes. Your saddler's stock of fabrics will have a color-matching batch.

For owners with high aesthetically demanding, the cable run can be covered with tarpaulin fabric and cable ducts can be implemented. The cable routing to the deck can be invisible in the linkage.

The module must be sewn to the edge of the film for attachment. The foil edge is not suitable for direct attachment with ropes or eyelets.

End- and extension panels

The panels are offered in different sizes both as single and extension panels.

With 12V systems, several panels - max. 16A - can be connected one after the other as a chain. The end panel is the last in this chain, all other panels are extension panels.

The end panel has a 3m long connection cable going out to the right. The expansion panel has two connection cables. Seen from the front, 3m to the right and 1m to the left. Both cables are connected in parallel in the connection cap.

A special extension panel is available for 24V battery systems, in which the internal wires are connected in series. The panel has to be combined with an end panel. 2 panels are sewn into the textile surface and together they build a 24V solar panel.

With such a 24V panel, both panel surfaces should be aligned as equally as possible to the sun for optimal performance.

12V Systems

If several panels are connected in a row to a 12V system, the extension panel with internal parallel connection is used. Up to four modules can be combined into one line. All panels of a 12V row will work completely independently from each other in case of partial shading.

The cables can be shortened to the required length during installation. As a plug-in system, we recommend the waterproof 2-pin Binder cable plug or socket.

24V Systems

With 24V systems, a maximum of 2 modules can be combined. If a larger 24V system is to be set up, several 24V panel pairs must be combined, with the 24V panel pairs then being connected in parallel with each other.

Product Properties

- 20mm sewing edge all around
- the panels are delivered without a plug-in system
- cable exit on front
- cells supported by aluminum sandwich core
- cells and carrier plate hermetically encapsulated in the laminate
- 100% sea and salt water resistant
- 3 year performance guarantee
- maintenance-free, self-cleaning ETFE front film

Assembly Instructions

- when sewing, a minimum stitch spacing of 8mm must be observed
- the minimum seam distance to the carrier plate is 6mm
- the panels must be supported by stretched textiles
- the panel carrier plate must not be placed over the linkage (danger of buckling)
- the panels are to be protected from vibration and violent impact


SX-Connection versions 12V, 24V

This connection sketch describes the connection types of the SX modules in combination with SX+ modules for 12V and 24V battery systems.
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File: SX_Connection_EN.pdf ()

Product pictures to download