RX Solar Panels - Solar to Go
Plug & Play Solar Panels for mobile Applications

textile edge with fixed plastic eyelets - perfect for mobile attachments

includes mini charge controller with car plug. A real mobile plug'n play solution

foldable, sturdy & powerful, incl. 5m connection cable

very high power output, since RX modules can always be perfectly aligned to the sun.

You need power. You may not install anything.
RX panels - lay out, plug in - ready, incl. plug-in charge controller

Solar Panels RX-Series

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Solar Panels for 12V System Voltage

Panel type
L x W
I sc
incl. 19% VAT
100 Wp 1106 x 826 mm 5.1 kg
6.00 A 1198.00 €
76 Wp 873 x 826 mm 4.2 kg
4.40 A 998.00 €
50 Wp 1265 x 429 mm 2.6 kg
3.00 A 645.00 €

Solar Panels for 24V System Voltage

Panel type
L x W
I sc
incl. 19% VAT
100 Wp 1106 x 826 mm 5.1 kg
3.00 A 1228.00 €
76 Wp 873 x 826 mm 4.2 kg
2.20 A 1028.00 €


RX solar panels - Lay out, plug-in - ready!

The Plug & Play solar panels from SunWare. Install the solar module, insert the charger - ready!

The plug-in solution. 5m supply cable with SureSeal plug on the solar panel, suitable for the accompanying FOX-062 charge controller. Simply plug the FOX-062 into the socket of the vehicle and the battery is already charged from the solar panel WITHOUT installation.

The roof surfaces on the vehicle are already occupied, rather the vehicle in the shade and only the panel in stands in the sun - a simple and comfortable solution.

The multicrystalline high-performance solar cells are protected in an EVA laminate and ETFE coatings against weathering. Even in diffused light conditions or even in winter, the modules produce a high charging current.

The FOX-062 charger is supplied with all modules.

At the panel there is a 5m cable, i. your vehicle can be in the shade and the panel can effectively generate electricity in the sun. If the 5m is not long enough, an extension cable can also be plugged in between.

The RX-22039 and RX-22052 modules are supplied with a protection bag.

In the textile edge, fixing eyelets with an inner diameter of 9mm are used and countless mounting options are available.

Due to the foldable design, the panel can be easily stowed away or taken away easily when traveling. The cells are supported by the only slightly flexible carrier plate made of aluminum sandwich. This carrier plate protects the cells against breakages.

Serial connection of 12V TX modules only permitted if a cell protector is used per module.


Can the modules remain permanently installed?

RX modules are fitted with a high-quality tarpaulin. The substance has similar aging properties as bimini and sprayhood. Should the fabric be attacked after many years, a new textile frame can be sewn to the module at our company.

Mounting types

The RX modules are attached to the eyelets. It is important to ensure that the modules can not flutter or beat in the wind.

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SunWare RX-series

At the BOOT 2016 in Düsseldorf SunWare presented the first time the RX-series, a plug & play solution to the public.
The exhibition was a great success for this installation free solution.

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=22&tbl_name=modules_video


Foldable Plug & Play solar panels with charger

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=29&tbl_name=modules_video

Electrical connection of RX panels

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=46&tbl_name=modules_video

Solar cells cracks easily

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=51&tbl_name=modules_video

Summer Sun, Sail and Surf

Enjoy summer. A day in Holland with Unimog and surfboard. Power-autonomously and independently - on the water and ashore. Watch it now!

Link: /multimedia/video?id_video=19&tbl_name=modules_video


Datasheet RX-Series

Datasheet of all RX solar panels V2019
Languages: [[en]]

File: DB_Module_RX_12V_24V_2019_EN.pdf ( 1092kB)

Inst. manual RX modules

Languages: [de, en]

File: InstModRx2015_DE_EN.pdf ( 227kB)

Package content RX panels

Languages: [en]

File: fox_062_Anschluss_RX_EN.pdf ( 56kB)

Abmessungen RX-21052

File: RX_21052KD.pdf ( 145kB)

Dimensions RX-22039

File: RX22039_KD.pdf ( 54kB)

Dimensions RX-22239 24V

The 12V and 24V version is identical in size.

File: RX22039_KD.pdf ( 54kB)

Dimensions RX-22052

File: RX22052_KD.pdf ( 63kB)

Dimensions RX-22252 24V

The 12V and 24V version is identical in size.

File: RX22052_KD.pdf ( 63kB)

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