Short description: Charge Controller FOX-062


The FOX-062 is an advanced miniature charge controller for 12V and 24V solar systems. Despite its small dimensions the overcharge protection is designed for a solar current of 6A. Reverse current protection is integrated.

The charging characteristic can be adjusted by the red DIP switch at the side of the controller housing. Lead acid, GEL or AGM batteries are selectable. That recess could be closed by a slider, so that inadvertent adjustment and penetration of dirt is impossible.

On the solar input side there is a SureSeal socket, a module cable with Sure-Seal connector can be plugged in. On the output side to the battery a motor vehicle connector is mounted with integrated fuse. If the red adapter on the tip of the plug is removed it can also be used for a car socket.

Incl. 1m cable 2x1,5qmm with SureSeal-plug at the end. Herewith every Solarpanel could directly connected to the regulator.

High charging efficiency

The charge controller is designed as a series regulator with active reverse current protection. As a result, a charging efficiency of 98% is achieved. Unlike MPPT controller of this type of controller has an up to 20% higher charging efficiency when using 12V or 24V Solar modules. The high conversion losses of MPPT controllers are completely eliminated.

Particularly in low light conditions where almost the converter losses completely destroy yields of the MPPT controller, shines the series regulator.

Since the FOX-062 works almost lossless, no heat sink is required. The best evidence for optimal layout of the circuit.

LED display

The FOX-062 has a 3-color LED. By combining the color of the LED and the flashing frequency diverse information on the battery and charge are displayed.
  • red flashing: battery empty (<20%)
  • red constant: battery low (<30%)
  • orange: battery normal (30% -70%)
  • green constant: battery normal (> 70%)
  • flashing green: battery full (100%)
If a charging current flows from the solar panel to the battery, the LED flashes every few seconds for a short time.

If the connector is unplugged, the LED goes out - even if a solar module is connected

12V / 24V automatic recognition

After plugging the controller, the controller checks the current battery voltage and thereby determines the system voltage of the battery. For this purpose, no adjustment is made.

When the battery voltage drops below 8,6V the controller - for safety - will not start because there may be a defect on the battery.

Technical Data:

Designation Value Unit
P Solar 100 Wp
I-Solar 6 A
I-Load 0 A
Lenght 50.0 mm
width 70.0 mm
weight net 0.1 mm
weight brut 0.2 mm
Designation Value Unit
battery type ['Gel', 'AGM', 'LeadAcid']
system voltages [12, 24] V
auto sense 12V/24V True
color schwarz
Part No. 13800062
EAN Code 4260278640728

Technical Drawing: